Product Education Programs

Employers need to ensure that workers exposed, or likely to be exposed, to hazardous chemicals receive instruction and training in handling and using those chemicals.

Employers must develop these training programs in consultation with local laws.

Program should include:

  • Instruction on the content
  • Significance of the information on labels
  • SDS

Management should train all staff on the specific products they use.

This training includes:

  • Using information from the SDS to review.
  • Demonstrated safe handling, use, storage, and disposal of all hazardous products used by the Employees.
  • Training on SDS information that must meet individual workers specific needs and abilities.

Every employee has the responsibility to learn about the products and to use them in a safe and appropriate manner.

Training in the safe use and handling of chemicals must be kept up to date.

Management must train staff when:

  • A new product is introduced.
  • When changes in the product or procedure occur.
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